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World Cheese Awards 2011
 The Region

Alto Maestrazgo.

The Maestrazgo is a series of mountain ranges containing the towns of Albocasser, Ares del Maestre, Benassal, Catí, Culla, Tirig, Torre d'en Bessora, Vilar de Canes and Villafranca del Cid.

The mountains have been eroded by rivers, creating deep valleys. This is a region shrouded in mystery, and the sensation of travelling into the ranges is unique, with its constantly changing landscape marking the way.

The sunlight varies in strength, and with it the colours of the limestone terrain and its forests.

The vegetation changes as we travel higher into the mountains, with caves and ravines creating a wide variety of subterranean landscapes.

Above them, we find early-flowering almond trees, together with aromatic plants and herbs covering the heaths and cultivated land. This is an ideal setting where our suppliers’ sheep and goats thrive, providing us with the very finest quality raw materials.