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World Cheese Awards 2011
The company
Our origins

In September 1986, brothers Fernando and Juan José Gil Solsona opened the Quesería Plana Alta cheese factory. Their parents had made cheese for many years, transforming their cows’ milk into soft cheese, selling it to retailers in Castellón and the surrounding towns and villages.

Development of the company

Ten years later, in 1996, Quesería Plana Alta became a limited company, called Quesos de Almassora SL.

Until 2005, it was run from a small warehouse in Calle Boqueras. It then moved to the Mijares industrial estate, occupying premises covering 1100 square metres, allowing it to operate in line with all of the standards applicable to the sector.

Structure of the company

The company employs a total of 15 people, employed in the administration, production and distribution departments. It also has its own fleet of vehicles to guarantee

its distribution, offering a personalised service six days a week. We use the very latest technology to ensure the quality of our products.
The raw materials

From the outset we have used the very finest raw materials, natural milk from the Maestrazgo in Castellón, a stunning natural setting that provides us with milk from cows, goats and sheep with the optimum quality. We use it to create a wide range of fresh and ripened milk products. We carry out strict daily HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) procedures, together with quality controls for the finished product to ensure our customers’ full satisfaction.

The company’s philosophy

The essence, flavour and purity of a natural product, combined with optimum quality, are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. Quesos de Almassora has breathed new life into Cassoleta cheese from the province of Castellón, a magnificent fresh cheese that was produced by their parents, and which had gradually disappeared from the market due to sanitary restrictions.

The company strives to achieve the very highest quality, offering the best products and services to avoid disappointing its consumers.